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These light covers are terrific. We installed new carpeting and the  step lights looked horrible. They were the old louvered metal ones. We almost panted over them. Now we have these beautiful onyx covers and they are part of the decor. Easy to install, easy to change light bulbs and terrific customer service. Thank you!

˜ RG, Portland, OR.

Wow who knew we could update our home so easily with these beautiful Designer Steplight Covers. When the light shines through the onyx it is really something. And we never have light bulbs out and dark steps  because the bulbs are so easy to replace. We love these!

˜ Jason, KC.

I HATED my step light covers that came with my house.  They were fully metal and would heat up. After an exhaustive search (that I was about to abandon) I found Designer Step Light Covers and decided they looked great online and were cheap enough to try.  I LOVE THEM!  The covers arrived faster than I expected and were as easy to install as they claimed. No one who comes to our house would know by the look of the step light covers that they were the easiest, cheapest, and fastest home improvement that we have done. I would recommend this product to anyone.

˜ Rebecca, Queen Creek, AZ.

Just received my new covers and they are really beautiful. They arrived very quickly and the bronze color works perfectly with our home. What a difference they make and so easy to install.

˜ KT, Portland.

I love my new light covers. What a beautiful look and you were right, they were simple to install. I did it in just a few minutes. Everyone that comes to the house comments on them. Thank you.

˜ Marlene, Coto de Caza.

We love the step light covers. They really enhanced our stairway and were so easy to install! What a great idea, wish I would have thought of it. They make such a difference! Thanks so much.

˜ Ned, Coto de Caza.

I cannot believe what a difference these covers make. The backlit onyx is just beautiful and adds so much elegance to our stairway. Our old covers were so bad we actually painted over them hoping they would disappear. Installation was so easy and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you!

˜ Marion, Coto de Caza.

We recently installed these beautiful step light covers and they added so much warmth and elegance to our stairway. They are just gorgeous. The glow and beauty they add is amazing and even in the daytime when they are not on, they look terrific. I never knew something like this existed and I am so glad we found them.

˜ Karen, Coto de Caza.

With very little cost, and very little effort, we were able to remove our old light covers and add these beautiful onyx light covers to our home. These light covers instantly transformed our stairway with beautiful, warm lighting! Thank you for your excellent customer service in purchasing these fabulous light covers.

˜ Roger, Coto de Caza.



The step light covers were the perfect enhancement for my customer’s yard. Their covers didn’t fit well and didn’t complement the style of the home. The homeowner didn’t know there were any options. I suggested Designer Step Light Covers. They upgraded the look of the house and the light diffuses beautifully. They were so easy to install- fit right over the existing housing. And the lightbulbs can be changed without tools and very little effort.

˜ Steve, Laguna Beach.



What a difference these light covers made at our house. Our outdoor covers were cracked and we had no idea where to get them replaced. These new covers are so much prettier than the old covers! We just love them.

˜ Mary, Trabuco Canyon.

Everyone that comes over to the house comments on our beautiful step light covers. We installed new carpet on the stairs and it was so beautiful but then there were the ugly louver plastic light covers on the wall. With very little effort we were able simply install the onyx covers and what a difference it made. I am not handy and I was able to do it! They look great for very little cost and effort.

˜ Joe, Trabuco Canyon.


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Shedding some light on your path

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